Tilt Corazón Araiza (tiltcorazon) wrote in thenationalpep,
Tilt Corazón Araiza

Top Ten reasons The National Pep will split up

10. Too much cowbell.
9. Our music is no good for getting the band members laid.
8. The lyrics contain one pun too many for sanity.
7. Beard envy.
6. unskinny_bop Resents the fact that no-one's really looking at the mittens on her avatar.
5. Our music is only good for getting half of the band members laid.
4. The average conversation about what version of Vega-Tables we're going to play takes longer than most bands' careers.
3. The rehearsal room is too hot.
2. Just like The Cowsills, we get our own comic, but Ed McGuiness is assigned to do the art and the others don't get why stealthmunchkin and I start cursing.
1. Did I mention that the rehearsal room was too hot?

We didn't take any big leaps last night as the heat made us wilt. Every song got slower and slower as we went on. But we did slip something new into the set (a song which doesn't have a title, but used to be called Victory) and there were no arguments and free sweets.

I have swallowed my pride and have sung demos of two of my own songs to pass on to stealthmunchkin so he can tell me what I've subconciously plagiarized.

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