Tilt Corazón Araiza (tiltcorazon) wrote in thenationalpep,
Tilt Corazón Araiza

Is this a good thing?

I carefully crafted a song called Sugar Bomb which in my mind was a delicious confection, the kind of thing Andy Partridge might have written for The Archies if he'd been around at the right time. I humbly submitted the demo to the Pep Captain. "Very Syd Barrett." he said.

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Oh, don't worry about it; he only konws three things and thus has limited capacity for comparisons. "Syd Barrett" probably really means "I have heard of Syd Barrett and I like him and I like this so they must be the same."
Or it could be that there was ADT on the vocals, the lyrics were very odd, the melody was rangy, there were parts where the rhythm retarded quite dramatically and the vocal was semi-whispered but in an a very precise manner (including emphasised ts, as opposed to the normal transatlantic d sound).

And yes, it's a good thing ;)
Should I know what ADT means?
Sorry - Artificial Double Tracking, where you copy the vocal with a very slight delay. Technique invented by George Martin because John Lennon was too lazy to double track vocals properly but disliked his own voice too much to leave it. It might not actually have been that that tiltcorazon used, but it sounded like it.
I used the "Hell's Chorus" filter on CoolEditPro. Impressive, huh?

I was just kind of taken aback at the Barrett comparison, not because I don't like Barrett, but because it wasn't anywhere near what I was aiming for. It was like handing in what I believe to be the perfect Aubrey Beardsley pastiche and being complimented on the high quality of my Ronald Searle imitation.
As a huge Syd Barrett fan, I'd take that as a compliment, although it isn't *necessarily* a compliment, to be fair.

Syd was noted for very creative word-play, and disjointed musical compositions. In short, his writing was wild and over-the-place, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. But he was always interesting....he rarely came up with a song that didn't have something cool about it.

It's a miracle he recorded any solo stuff, really. He was almost impossible to work with after he left Pink Floyd.
Assuming you gave Andy a demo tape of a song with just vocals and a rambling song structure, I'd probably make the Syd Barrett comparison too.
It was just vocals, but I thought it was tight and punchy. I'm pretty sure my drastic rhythmic retarding on the vocals was precise enough for the drums not to have to change tempo at all.
Syd's tempos were a mess, mostly because he'd lost all sense of his timing. They'd record him on vocal and guitar, and then he'd leave and the producer (usually David Gilmour) would be try to overdub the rest of the band around it. If you listen to Syd's solo stuff through headphones, you can hear how they're trying to hide his sloppiness in the mix, not always successfully either!