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I do like the title of Eric Sykes' autobiography

So what has been happening since I last reported?

Well, there have been rehearsals, obviously. But they're so polite and productive that they're not dramatic enough to make a juicy blog posting. A typical rehearsal goes like this.

(The scene is a rehearsal room in 19th century Norway)

Andrew: Let's do this song.

Miriam and Tilt: OK.

(play song)

All: That went quite well. Let's do it again.

(play song again)

Andrew: Gosh, Tilt. You are a very good drummer.

Tilt: And isn't Miriam good?

Andrew: Yes she is. We're awfully glad you joined the band, Miriam.

Miriam: I need a cigarette.

(Miriam leaves)

Tilt: Now let's talk trash about The Beach Boys until she gets back.

(Exit, persued by a beard)

And so on and so forth.

Right, then. New songs in the works:

Non-Religious Holiday Special
Bitter lyrics with a vague indication of a story behind them. Andrew wrote a serious tune to that I wasn't happy with as I thought the lyrics were quite funny. The tune was moved from the minor tonality into the major and suddenly it was appropriately upbeat and perverse.

The Loud Song
Bluesy, funky Andrew tune that I'm trying to stick summery, slightly Roger Christian-ish lyrics to. It'll probably end up as the opening song at our gigs. It will get a new title, eventually.

After The Love Song
Something that I stole from the Stealth Munchkin back catalogue. I wanted a proper song to immediately follow the bang-crash-drone of The Love Song. Andrew was running through some of his old songs and I decided I'd help myself to the tune of one. I think it's Andrew's own lyrics I'm overwriting. That actually is going to be its title if I have anything to do with it.

The Jazz Song
Ah, those descriptive National Pep working titles. You can guess what the tune side of this is like. Lyrically I'm writing and rewriting.

I feel it appropriate to mention that The National Pep Quiz Team managed to come second at the Cornerhouse quiz night. Music be damned. We won a DVD, a cinema ticket and some beer!

One day I mentioned to Andrew that I spend a lot of my time hanging around recording studios and sometimes they're empty. This lead to the inevitable First Ever National Pep Recording Session. The main point was to dash off some guitar and voice demos to give to Miriam, but Andrew also wanted to record a full demo of Wagons West. Recording is hell, especially in a studio with no heating, but by the last few overdubs it began to sound pretty groovy. Andrew had intended a big Beach Boys-ish feel to the track, but so far it's sounding rather like Belle And Sebastian. Of course, it still needs my bastard son of Hal Blaine and Meg White thudding adding to it and my guide vocals will be replaced by Miriam's sweeter tones. But I think by the time it's finished it will fulfil its purpose, which is to be something we can play to people when they want to know what we sound like.

A meeting will be held a week on Monday. After that, Andrew leaves the country for a couple of weeks. When he gets back, rehearsals start again and we will begin to make arrangements for The First Ever National Pep Concert Appearance!
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