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Tilt Corazón Araiza

I wish I'd thought of that

Song writing credit on the new Sparks album:
"Track 4 written by Ron Mael and Russell Mael with additional lyrics by Francis Scott Key".

Right then, time to ramp up the references to the President's address at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA so that The National Pep can have a song "with additional lyrics by Abraham Lincoln".

By the way, why wasn't I informed of this?

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The Democrats as we know them are largely a creation of Franklin Roosevelt. Interestingly, the only reason he joined the Democratic Party was because too many of his cousins (Teddy's sons) were in the Republican Party and he thought he'd be overlooked.

Y'know, I remember reading somewhere that John Major was close to joining the Labour Party at one point. One thing that drove him away was the racism that infected parts of the Labour movement for many years (I know someone who was shouted down as a 'n***er lover' at a Labour meeting in the 70s).

Basically, I've always believed that to a certain extent, party politics is not the force of nature we sometimes believe it to be. Parties can be hijacked for good or ill. There's been radicalism perpetrated by the Conservative Party and High-Tories have ascended in the Labour Party and it's caused tragedy and triumph all over the shop. Probably more tragedy than triumph.

And now a lyric from The National Pep's New Planet Love Song:

No elephants! And damn the mules!
I think you mean donkey, actually. Isn't a mule a hybrid between a horse and donkey?

If you want to traverse some dangerous waters, you can use some quotes from the Koran in a song, and say "Additional lyrics by the Prophet Mohammad."
I think you mean donkey, actually

Yeah, but I invoke the rights of poetic licence in the name of scansion and rhyme scheme.

Hmm, how about chucking in some Bible quotes and having "additional lyrics by Almighty God"? Or Hickey/Araiza*/Father/Son/Holy Ghost?

*just in case anyone's confused by this, I'm not having my birth surname on songwriting credits because it sucks. I stole a better name from a passing Mexican.
Also hard to believe that the Democratic party is descended from Thomas Jefferson (the founding father who championed small government).

The Republican party basically shifted identies between 1912 and 1916, when Teddy Roosevelt left the party and his liberal constituency went with him. It then became the party of big business, which it's been ever since. And during the civil rights movement (1960s and 1970s), conservative southern Democrats gradually transferred to the Republican party. So what was once a northern liberal party, is now southern and conservative.