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Tilt Corazón Araiza

..then suddenly, nothing happened!!!

We definitely started this whole journal too early. Things are proceeding fine, but it occurs to me that the leisurely pace we're taking about things doesn't make for exciting entries. "When are they gonna play a gig?" you cry. "When we're ready," we say.

News so far:

We're all taking a month off. Holly's parents are visiting, so Andrew and Holly are protecting them from the various pirates and desperadoes that stalk the streets of Manchester. Andrew's become very handy with a cutlass and a flintlock, so that should be OK.

Miriam was given 24 hours to leave Manchester after breaking several public naughtiness bylaws. She's fled to the sleepy village of London and is getting settled before she decides if she can commit to sneaking back to Manchester for one rehearsal month (singers don't need as much practice as drummists, guitarerers and keyboardationists).

A liar like me belongs in the world of celluloid dreams, so I'm going to live in the majestic National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in the movie capitol of the world; BRADFORD! It's Bradford Film Festival time and I've got a press pass.

The band might be splitting into two (or maybe even three) different forms. Roughly the same line-up for each, but dedicated to a different aspect of the business we call show.

Wagons West has received it's first public airing, courtesy of ted_souleater performing it at one of his gigs. He's still alive to tell the tale, so people can't have hated it that much.
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and i've just applied for my dream job at the NMPFT! doubt i'll have a chance of getting it though... le sigh
I saw that. If I had any advice for you, I would have given it. But I don't think I have any inside knowledge that would be useful for getting you the post. But I do hope you get it.

I think I've got to interview Malcolm McDowell this afternoon. I wish I'd seen more of his movies.
i hope i get it too. i love the NMPFT... to bits

not having seen more malcolm mcdowell films would be a good thing surely? because basically he being of any reasonable cinematic worth sometime after "time after time" and even then i'm not particularly convinced by the stuff before then. poor man's david hemmings is what i'm saying...
It was sort of like when Jimi Hendrix played "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" at one of his gigs, a couple days after the Beatles album was released. Except, of course, Wagon's West hasn't been released yet. And I wasn't backed by The Experience.